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BCT - Birmingham Catholic Tramway and Busmen's Guild

Dates: 1932-1950s

Number of records in this collection: 2


The Birmingham Catholic Tramway and Busmen's Guild was formed in response to an appeal in support of Catholic Action made by Archbishop Williams at the Futurist Picture Theatre in October 1931. It was an attempt to bring together Catholics who worked on the public transport system of Birmingham Corporation. Each depot had a representative, who sought to enrol other Catholics as members and 'to do his best to get them to attend to their duties', which included attendance at the Guild meetings and religious demonstrations. The chaplain would often give lectures or addresses at the meetings. In time, besides the religious events supported by the Guild, social events were also organised. Affiliated to the Federation of Catholic Transport Guilds of Great Briatain and Ireland, the Guild seems to have gone into decline shortly before or because of the Second World War, and to have been re-formed in 1950 for a short period.

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