The Catholic Archdicese of Birmingham Archives

Services at the ArchivesServices at the Archives


Visiting the archives is free of charge.


It is necessary to make an appointment by letter, telephone or e-mail before visiting; casual visitors are not admitted. ID (including address) must be produced on a first visit.




Postal and email enquiries about the contents of collections and availability of records will be answered as quickly as possible. If you cannot visit the archives in person, we can put you in touch with private researchers who undertake genealogical research, but please note that we cannot undertake any research on your behalf.


Care of Documents


Archives are storehouses of memory. Our task is to safeguard and preserve our archival heritage for future generations and to make it available to those who want to discover their past. In turn we ask you to observe our code of conduct. This includes the use of pencils only and the respectful handling of documents.




Most of our parish registers are available on microfilm from which copies can be made.


You are welcome to bring your digital camera but the use of flash is prohibited.


We can provide a limited digital imaging service. We generally do not allow photocopying of documents as this can degrade the original.