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BCCCS - Birmingham Catholic Cripples Care Society

Dates: 1903-1989

Number of records in this collection: 3


The Birmingham Catholic Cripples' Care Society grew out of the Birmingham and District Crippled Children's Union and was started in 1903 as a way of co-ordinating activity among Catholic children with a physical disability and ensuring that every child would be supplied with a visitor, 'who will endeavour to brighten its life and watch over its health'. Its additional aims were to ensure each child received proper religious instruction, to provide any welfare needed, and to give parties and country holidays to the children. In 1923 the decision was made to refer all children to St Gerard's Orthopaedic Hospital at Coleshill. The yearly activities of the Society are detailed in the series of Annual Reports. The affairs of the Society were terminated in 1989 and its remaining assets handed over to the Diocese and applied to the Birmingham Catholic Handicapped Fellowship.

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