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CWL - Catholic Women’s League

Dates: 1910-2003

Number of records in this collection: 117


The Catholic Women's League was founded in 1906 by Margaret Fletcher (1862-1943) to encourage women to take a more active part in the work of the Church and be involved in local, national and international affairs. See 'Yesterday Recalled: A Jubilee History of the Catholic Women's League, 1906-1981' for details of the history and development of the League. A branch was established in Birmingham in 1909 and sections were soon established in other places in the archdiocese, the earliest being Leamington Spa. None of the early records seems to have survived; in the collection the earliest, CWL/12/1 relating to Oxford, dates to 1920. The collection is overwhelmingly of Minute Books of Ordinary and Committee Meetings, with virtually no correspondence or background material. It represents, at best, a partial record of the activities of the Catholic Women's League in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

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