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UCM - Union of Catholic Mothers (Archdiocesan Branch)

Dates: 1983-1996

Number of records in this collection: 51


The Union of Catholic Mothers was formed in 1913 at the express wish of Cardinal Bourne from its parent organisation, the Catholic Women's League. Its specific objects were:- 1. To band together all Catholic married women who, by precept and example, will bring up their children as good Catholics and public spirited citizens. 2. To uphold the sacramental character and permanence of marriage and the observance of God's natural laws in the married state. 3. To secure a Catholic education for their children, and to guard them from immoral companions, amusements and literature. In 1968 was added:- 4. To offer sympathy and practical help to the family in difficulty. There was to be no class distinction, but a union of Catholic mothers, rich and poor, to keep the faith alive in their homes, to pool their knowledge, to share their experiences, to help one another and to pray together. Known originally as 'The Catholic Women's League Union of Catholic Mothers', it became a separate, autonomous and independent organisation in 1938, with its own National Committee, diocesan branches and parish foundations. The archdiocesan branch of the UCM was formed in 1933 and the present collection of papers is mainly a reflection of records of the archdiocesan branch, to which some papers relating to the regional sections and a few parish foundations have been added.

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