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OS - Oscotian Society

Dates: 1861-2001

Number of records in this collection: 322


The Oscotian Society was established on 25 June 1861 'to form a centre of union for Oscotians and friends of St Mary's College'. This object was enlarged in 1864 'to promote the studies and stimulate the activity of students of St Mary's by offering yearly prizes for competition...and from time to time to include the material improvement of portions of the chapel or house'. By 1930 the yearly prizes had ceased. Since 1861, except in time of war, there has been an annual meeting of members, who have joined by paying an annual subscription; membership is open to all former members of the college, together with extraordinary members who are friends of the college, and those who are invited to become honorary members and patrons. The rules, although modified over the years, remain fundamentally unaltered, and regulate the running of the Society. The business of the Society is conducted by an elected Council, of which the President is largely a ceremonial role.

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