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JLL - Papers of John Ludlow Lopes

Dates: 1873-1961

Number of records in this collection: 141


John Ludlow Lopes was born on 9 April 1882. After taking his degree at Oxford, he received Orders in the Church of England, and worked for some years in Birmingham. He was received into the Catholic Church in 1915 and went to Rome, studying first at the Beda and then at the Procure under the Fathers of St Sulpice. He was ordained to the priesthood on 21 September 1918 and served as a curate for three years at the English Martyrs, Sparkhill, Birmingham, before spending a year with the Catholic Missionary Society in London. In 1922 he was appointed Chaplain at the University of Cambridge. In 1928 he took charge of a large area in the west of Oxfordshire, centred on Witney, where he built a church; in due course he was responsible for building churches at Eynsham and Burford, for purchasing a medieval barn at Bampton, which he converted into a church, and also the mission centred on Carterton. For twenty-five years he served on Witney Rural District Council. He died on 18 September 1961. See the 'Catholic Directory of the Archdiocese of Birmingham 1962', pp. 211-12 for his obituary.

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