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EP - Episcopal Papers

Dates: 1853-1995

Number of records in this collection: 91


This is a disparate collection of papers relating to bishops and includes the Acta and Discussion Papers of the Bishops of England and Wales' Meetings (1868-1965), the Meeting of Bishops in the Province of Birmingham (1913-1939), material relating to the Birmingham Diocesan Synods (1853-1957), Quinquennial Reports in preparation for the 'Ad Limina Apsotolorum' visits to Rome (1912-1962), Parish Visitation and Confirmation (1913-1967), the Reception of Converts (1945-1993), the Censorship of Books (1940-1985), charities (1954-1980), the account books of Archbishop's House (1952-1995), and the Register of Confirmations in Archbishop's House (1958-1968).

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