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CTS - Catholic Truth Society (Birmingham Branch)

Dates: 1890-2000

Number of records in this collection: 10


The Catholic Truth Society was originally founded by Bishop Herbert Vaughan of Salford in 1868 and re-established in 1884. Its purpose was to publish and distribute cheap pamphlets both to instruct Catholics in their faith and to educate non-Catholics and help to remove prejudice and error. The Society held Annual Conferences, and the first two records in this collection relate to the Conferences held in Birmingham in 1890 and 1904. In 1931 a Birmingham Branch of the Society was formed to co-ordinate activity in the diocese, mainly by encouraging churches to establish tract cases and recruit sellers, or Box Tenders, to order pamphlets to stock the cases and remit the proceeds. The bulk of the records in this collection deal with the Birmingham Branch, the activity of which was increasingly confined to the city of Birmingham and to the bookshop at St Chad's Cathedral.

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