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CEG - Catholic Evidence Guild

Dates: 1921-1973

Number of records in this collection: 19


The Catholic Evidence Guild was founded in the Diocese of Westminster in 1918 and spread to other parts of England, forming a series of independent groups, each under the direction of the diocesan bishop. Its object was to train lay people as speakers, who would explain Catholic doctrine to crowds of people in public places. The Birmingham Diocesan Catholic Evidence Guild was formed in 1921 and described itself as 'an organisation of the Catholic laity into an Apostolate, for the purpose of the exposition of their religion to non-Catholics mainly by means of public meetings, but also using all other available means'. The Diocesan Council held quarterly meetings and the annual meeting was followed by a Public Conference, to which all Catholics were invited. The weekly meetings usually took the form of a lecture designed to improve the theological understanding of speakers. The records in the collection reflect all aspects of the work of the Guild in the Diocese of Birmingham, and especially the centre in Birmingham, for the fifty years of its existence.

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