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C - ā€˜Cā€™ Series of Historical Documents

Dates: 1583-1829

Number of records in this collection: 2772


The collection consists mainly of the Howard, Stonor and Kirk papers, dealing with the business of the Vicars Apostolic in the Midland District, their correspondence with Roman authorities and financial transactions over wills and bequests. Much of the Kirk collection is concerned with the controversial issue of the Oath of Allegiance, both before and after the first Catholic Relief Act (1778), and with Kirk's lengthy correspondence with the Rev. Joseph Berington. More information is also contained in this collection about the Common Fund of the Secular Clergy, later known as the Johnson Fund, and an almost complete series of its accounts is extant. A bundle of deeds and charters concerning the Manor of Erdington, Warwickshire, dating from the 13th to the 17th centuries, and a similar collection, covering the same period, and dealing with the Coyney family and their properties in North Staffordshire, have been transferred to the Birmingham City Archives. Papers recording the proceedings of the Court Leet of Birmingham have also been transferred to the same place. These documents were originally numbered CD1-443. N.B. The following documents, concerning the Priestley Riots in Birmingham in 1791, were transferred to the Birmingham Central Library (now City Archives) on 28 February 1974 and are marked in this catalogue by an asterix *. C1081-83, C1085-86, C1089-90, C1092, C1095, C1100-01, C1104, C1106, C1111, C1113-15, C1118-19, C1127, C1137-38, C1165-82, C1191-92, C1195-96, C1203, C1205, C1211, C1215, C1220, C1222, C1234, C1239-40, C1254-56, C1262, C1266, C1273, C1278, C1280-84, C1288, C1302, C1333, C1787, C1979

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